All Natural, Pesticide-Free Vegetables, Eggs
& Subcontracting

 Old Apple Tree Farm

   504 Lindsey Rd     Wells, Maine         207-651-2529

The homestead has been here since the 19th century after being pulled and relocated by oxen from Merriland Ridge in 1865, and then passed down through the family for generations. Bret took over the homestead in 2011, and have been trying to rekindle the farm's sustainability while also completing necessary repairs on the antique farmhouse.

Bret Chase (father) is the current owner of the farm, and independent subcontractor/welder. Raised on a dairy farm as a child, he is very familiar with the hard work and rewarding life of a farmer. A long established career as an iron-worker has given him skills and experience necessary to subcontracting. Combining the two has always been a dream of this old fashioned do-it-yourself'er.

Hannah (daughter) is a full time CNA and manages our chickens. She recently graduated from High School and is looking forward to nursing school in 2019!

The family dog, Ally, can been seen at any time wandering the property noses to the ground, sniffing out moles and fallen pears to snack on. There are also three mouse-hunting cats named Nibbles, Maleki, and Papaya who prefer to sun-bathe in a window most of all.