All Natural, Pesticide-Free Vegetables, Eggs
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 Old Apple Tree Farm

   504 Lindsey Rd     Wells, Maine         207-651-2529

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Old Apple Tree Farm is closed for the 2018 season.  

Due to an unfortunate night involving a family of raccoons, we will not be offering eggs until the spring of 2019.

Old Apple Tree Farm is a modest family-owned and operated farm and antique orchard just a few miles from the rocky coast in the lovely town of Wells in York County, Maine. 

At Old Apple Tree Farm, we are focused on providing all natural, safe, worry-free produce you and your family can feel good about eating because we only use all natural and/or certified organic products. We avoid dangerous pesticides and artificial growth hormones. 

Family-oriented and labeled "old-fashioned," we are always concerned with what we feed our children and ourselves. The only treatment our produce receive is certified organic Neem Oil, a natural occurring oil that derives from the Neem tree. Our well of drinking water is on-site within our orchard, ensuring absolute caution and awareness when prepping and caring for our trees and plants.  So, please, enjoy our natural and safe produce with peace of mind.  

This year, in order to remain all natural, our field needed to rest.  So we planted a cover crop of cowpeas to naturally add more nitrogen to the soil and provide vital organic manner.  We will be planting crops again in the spring of 2019!

All year long we offer farm fresh eggs from very happy hens. $3.00/dozen. We keep eggs readily available at the farmstand inside a small refrigerator to ensure they remain cool and fresh during the warmer months! Use our website contact page or facebook page for more information. 

Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. Farmstand hours-of-operation and upcoming events are located on our facebook page. Check back regularly for new updates to our website. There's so much more to come!  We hope to see you again soon!